8 925 020-77-11

8 925 020-77-11

Open 24 hours


Салон эротического релакс

Roxbery - salon in the heart of Moscow

25 girls behind the glass waiting for men



Wide range of show programs

We provide more than 20 programs in our salon for any taste.

Cozy environment

Three VIP rooms equipped with Jacuzzi and EIGHT rooms with showers. Each room has air conditioning.

Gorgeous girls

Professional masters of massage with fabulous hands and charming shapes. Roxy has 20 girls per night.

Full confidentiality

Photo and video shooting is prohibited in our salon. Guests do not face each other inside the salon.


We work 24 hours a day without holidays and weekends. Everything for you men!

Home comfort

Terry towels, single-time fresh linen, shower gels and slippers. We have provided everything.



  • 10 000
  • 70 мин

In addition to the traditional soul in the company of the girl, who during the body massage will touch the guest with the whole body, for an hour and fifteen minutes


  • 9 000
  • 60 min

Just two girls will give you aqua-foam relaxation in the jacuzzi, continue with the classic relaxation, smoothly go into erotic, adding some embraces, excite the touch of bodies...


  • 12 000/17 000
  • 60/90 min

Name of this program speaks for itself. Here you are, the Master and you free to decide what erotic relaxation you want and what sex toy to choose for entertainment with a pleasant girl...


  • 6 000
  • 60 min

Feeling like a Quentin Tarantino? We know everything about this weakness and prepared a special program for you...


  • 25 000
  • 120 min

Like to dominate? Dictate the course of events? Then this program is for you! You will find yourself in a room where you are already waiting for an obedient sweet girl...


  • 2 200
  • 60 min

The program, which became a classic: an hour of relaxing and tonic plesure, in the hands of our girl will allow you to gain feeling right adn relax…


  • 3 000
  • 45 min

Journy will begin with a classic relaxation, and then smoothly go into erotic. The culmination of the program will be an unforgettable relaxation...

Sacura Branch

  • 5 000
  • 60 min

For an hour our girl will turn into a geisha, so that you feel like a samurai, so make sure that your sword is ready. Classic relaxing relaxation will pass into erotic...

A Toy

  • 7 000
  • 60 min

Only for you, our girl will talk about her favorite sex toy and show how she loves to play with it. But first all her attention will be given to you...

Bachelor Party

  • by agreement
  • ??? min

Do you have a stag party? We already care about unforgettable holiday for you and your friends. Nobody will be deprived of the attention of girls, and most importantly - erotic relaxation.


  • 12 000/18 000
  • 60/90 min

Maximum pleasure, the hottest and the most exquisite kindness will immerse you into the magical world of violent fantasies and emotions where all things are possible...

High Pilotage

  • 13 000
  • 60 min

The choice of those who take the maximum from life. "High Pilotage” is a program that includes the most popular additions. To aqua-foam, classic and erotic relaxation were added lingam, foot-fetish...and

VIP – Person

  • 27 000
  • 90 min

Program for dear guests. Feel our special attention! Room will be served with a champagne bottle and hookah, two girls will begin erotic relaxation in four hands...

Closing on 2 hours

  • 30 000
  • 120 min

There should be a lot of good. Do you want to stay with us for a long time and so that no one distracts you? Close the institution and stay in the company of three girls and champagne...

Romantic relax for couples

  • 10 000
  • 60 min

Especially for couples, we prepared a program of "Romantic Relaxation". Just two girls will give You and your second half a session of classical relaxation, after they switch to erotic...


5th hour free of charge

Every fifth hour is at our expense!


Relax for men

Many people think that erotic salons are obscene institutions that support certain services under cover. In fact, relaxation lounges visit, not for sex, but for relaxation and competent professional help. The peculiarity of them is that in the salons for men exclusively attractive girls work, who, however, have special skills and education. It is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of visiting such salons. It is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of visiting such establishments. In addition to acute exciting feelings that people get from the charming artists, they will be able to raise their self-esteem and improve their health.

There are many types of relaxation. The most popular is erotic. From classical relaxation, he is distinguished by the presence of some elements of eroticism - men have the opportunity to completely relax and achieve orgasm without resorting to any sexual maneuvers. In erotic relaxation, various techniques can be used, among them the use of ice and hot wax, aromatic oils, various soft materials and fabrics. Relax for men can be quite frank - using the body parts of the girl, in particular the breast, lips and tongue. There are also such types of relaxation, where the girl's body almost completely comes into contact with the client's body. The sensations that men receive during this session are difficult to compare with anything. This experience helps to adjust the potency, the work of the genitourinary and nervous system, increase libido, as well as establish contact with the fair sex. Among other things, the salon can even help in maintaining the shape by regularly influencing stagnant muscles and joints. A rich choice of various programs, as well as the ability to combine and complement them, allows each man to choose pleasure individually. If difficulties arise, the wizard will always prompt and help with the choice.

All of us periodically want to distract from everyday bustle and routine everyday life. A huge selection of salons in Moscow, where cute girls will give each client a feeling of fire and passion, and also help regain self-confidence and raise self-esteem. As a rule, relaxation for men is carried out individually, in small, cozy rooms, equipped with everything necessary. Here everything is created in order to completely relax and forget about their problems, completely immersed in the atmosphere of bliss and bliss. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have extensive experience of attending such establishments, qualified employees will find and pick up something special for each client. Employees of the salon have special training and know special techniques that are guaranteed not to leave indifferent any man. If the client is interested in relaxation with the continuation, for such men it is better to think about the correctness of the choice of the place. Salons in the majority do not offer similar services, being guided by strict requirements both to employees, and to clients.


8 925 020-77-11


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